•  Guaranteed express delivery within 5-14 days
  •  Each order automatically insured for an amount equal to the price of the items in it
  •  Courier Delivery to any address within Russia
  •  More than 250 Pickup Points across Russia
  •  Lowest  Rates on the market
  •  Flat Rate International Box starting from 25 USD per kg
  •  Delivery notification for your customer by sms/email/phone
  • High level shipment tracking and monitoring system
Stay in your place and sell around the world

Russian E-commerce market is rapidly developing due to the growth per capita income and Internet penetration all over the country; this makes it an attractive for international companies seeking growth markets. 

Russia’s per capita income is the highest of the other three BRIC countries (Brazil, India, China and Russia). According to industry estimates, the number of purchases made by Russian online shoppers in foreign online stores is growing faster than from local online merchants.

The Case For Entering Russian E-commerce Market Now

Russia has the largest number of Internet users in Europe.

The population of Russia is 142 million people; 103 million people of it are internet users, that is 72% of the total population.

International and home E-commerce market in Russia make up 2.5% of total retail sales in 2014.

According to the latest forecast this figure will rise by the end of the year. The bottom line is that the Russian e-Commerce market becomes one of the most attractive e-Commerce markets in the world.

What sets us apart

  • We offer the optimal route selection 
  • Flexible parcel return system We guarantee the final price of Landed Costs & Taxes.
  • We deliver to all major Russian cities every day.
  • We offer proven solutions and have long experience in express cargo clearance
  • We utilize information technology systems that are easy to use and are compatible with the customer's software